Monday, July 8, 2013


It's been a while!  Let's see...finished the school year, had a daughter graduate from high school, threw a party, sent the family off the Bible camp (straight from the graduation party), went to Washington, DC with my daughter and mother to advocate for pancreatic cancer research funding, went to Bible camp with the family (their second week, my first)...all of that in the month of June!  Whew!  I'm now resting up for vacation the end of this month.

But, I've missed you and thought I'd share a thought or two.  Preachman (aka Rob Albright) delivered a wonderful lesson this morning about being a follower of Christ.  He started by asking if we could think of anyone better to follow.  Of course, we could not!  He described the perfect attributes of Christ and the reasons He is the only One to follow and then talked about different kinds of followers.  I wonder if my following pleases God.  Am I following closely enough?  Probably not.  Do I stray too often?  Probably so.  Do I ever follow for the wrong reasons?  Certainly.  My heart bubbles over with thanks that the One I follow is long-suffering and loving!  I know I am not nearly as patient with my children.  I am so thankful He is a perfect parent!

Following Perfection

Perfect footprints on a perfect road.
Perfect friend to help me bear my load.

Perfect light for guiding my dark way.
Perfect shelter through the stormy days.

Perfect promise of eternal life.
Perfect sweet peace in times of great strife.

Perfect sacrifice for my lost soul.
Perfect rest from our labor and toil.

Hold my hand as we walk
Guiding my clumsy steps.
Lift my head with Your light.
Hide my heart in the cleft.

My words, my steps, my ways
Let them glorify You!
May I follow closely.
Keep my heart ever true!

Melissa B. King

July 7, 2013